Daycare and childcare can be expensive, so finding a job that let’s you work when you can — like during nap time or after dinner — will increase your work-from-home opportunities. More companies will consider remote or part-time options, and moms can take advantage of them. Finding the best work-from-home jobs for moms isn’t as easy as you think — but there are some great ones out there if you know where to look. Appen has gained a positive reputation for being the ideal work-from-home option for new parents. The most popular job opportunity under Appen is the Social Media Evaluator position. After your application is accepted there is a training process—you are paid during this time.

The ‘motherhood penalty’ and its ‘outdated and toxic attitudes’ are driving women out of the workplace – Fortune

The ‘motherhood penalty’ and its ‘outdated and toxic attitudes’ are driving women out of the workplace.

Posted: Mon, 06 Nov 2023 13:00:00 GMT [source]

Recruiters set their own schedules most of the time, planning their own interviews with candidates. Project managers use their subject matter expertise and management skills to make sure teams finish projects before deadlines and within budgets. They’re often in contact with other employees, but remote collaboration tools like Zoom, Teams and Slack let them work from home. If you have a broad range of marketing skills and an excellent mind for strategy, you can find remote work as a marketing strategist. If you want to manage writers and guide the content of a blog, magazine, or other publication, an editorial position might be right for you.

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You could also sell educational and learning printables on Etsy. Virtual assistants help other businesses complete a variety of tasks from home. They can work for almost any business that might need help. This free webinar goes into detail about all of the skills needed to build your business and find your clients.

Parents with a computer at home and good typing skills can work as data entry clerks while their children play or nap in the other room. It’s not easy for moms to return to the workforce after taking time away from their career to raise a family. If you’re interested in learning or are already a master of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, then graphic design might be the right work-from-home job for you. If you have experience in a field like medicine or law you can apply for specialized transcription jobs that typically offer a higher pay rate. Fully remote jobs will never require you to come into a physical office. They’re also open to hiring people from anywhere in the world.

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Within a few months of freelancing, she was working hours per week, earning double her old paycheck with her baby beside her every step of the way. If you want to learn the skills needed to start your own freelance proofreading business or see if this is the right career for you, check out this FREE introductory workshop. Each job we’ve discussed for stay-at-home moms has touched on this, but the best jobs don’t require a degree. Most of them are about experiences or skills you have that can qualify you for the job. If you’re familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects you can access a plethora of remote jobs offered by companies and creators.

There is a lot of data entry work out there, but the healthcare and government sectors are popular for higher-paying gigs. SEO consultants earn on average $100.00 to $150.00 per hour. Pay varies based on the type of editing services you offer, but expect to earn between $36-$70 per hour. The average freelance writer rate per-hour is $22.74, but many freelancers make upwards of $50 per hour.

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